Anecdote –

#0 How it’s supposed to be.



Sometimes she’s lost. Her view narrows and she’s scared to death. The parrots are screaming. A branch sweeping in her face, she slips away on a smooth rock. Suddenly a big insect is buzzing close by.

This is the jungle, she believes that she is lost in the jungle. She’s starting to breath heavily while the air is warm and moist. She is sweating. The compass of her guide is broken. She is in total panic.


”My plastic parrots died, because I didn’t pretend to feed them.”


Suddenly she finds the glass-door, the cold air hits her face; realizing this danger has never been real. But the adrenalin made her heart beat faster.

She looked into her eyes, finding the gun into her body when he shot her down. Her flesh is real, her blood is real, her pain is real. She died; pretending to be herself.

But this hole isn’t fake at all. She washes the red paint out of her white blouse. She turns the water into a red river. The spot on her left chest is blue. His bullets are made of rubber.

Lotte van Geijn ‘My plastic parrots died, because I didn’t pretend to feed them.’ 2015 ©

Her existence is empty. She is just a shell. The pearl inside her is a hologram. So real. He can reach for it, but he can never touch it.